Welcome To The Profile of Mr.Zia Afzal

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Welcome to My Profile

1- My Name is Zia Afzal.

2- I was born in 16 November 1987.

3- My star is Scorpio. and I think it is lucky for me.

4- I have a small family One brother and three sisters.

5- My favorite colour is dark green,blue and pink.

6- I think my right hand is lucky than Left.

7- My favourite drink is milk shake.

8- I am a noble guy in my family. but in my friends I am a very naughty guy.

9- I like to enjoy my all life with my manners.

10- I don't like Jokes every time but i like to live alone mostly.

11- My best friend is myself and only.

12- I have few friends in my life.

13- My favourite games are Cricket and gym.

14- I like pent shirt than Shalwaar Kameez.

15- I like a lot of setlement of my room.

16- I like all friuts.

17- I like SHIMLA MIRCH a lot.

18- I like to lay down on grass in rainy weather.

19- My favourite flower is Red Roses and Jasmine.

20- I like spicy food a lot.

21- I like all romantic and sad songs of my choice.

22- I want to become a succesful businessman.

23- I like to become a rich person.

24- I like spring season than all.

25- I don't like fast driving.

26- I don't like hospitals for any emergency.

27- I want to learn dance and voilen.

28- I like happy meal from Mcdonald.

29- I like jogging early in the morning.

30- I like english subjects and dont like Mathematical subjects.

31- I don't like pakistani films.

32- My favourite country is Danemark and Germany.

33- My favourite place is my dreamy place.

34-My phone number is 0300-4798306.

35- My e.mail adress is mr_zia007@hotmail.com.

36- My favourite car is Grand criuser.

37-My favourite Pakistani singers are Ibrar and Sajjad.

38- My favourite indian singers are Kumar Sanu and Sonu Nigham.

39- I like blue eyes. and i like small cute babies.

40- I like mountainy places.

41- I think collage life is a part of selfishness.

42- I don't like girls thinking about fashion.I think if all the womens should take cover their body according to Islam our 50% problems should solved.

43- I like to live alone in my life.

44- I write some essays on our todays culture in newspaper.

45- I don't like poor cloths.

46- I write some poetry and my Nick is ROSHNI.

47- Lastly I don't don't don't like Cigerate and i always avoid with it.